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Over 15 years of coaching at the high school and college levels I've found that the greatest indicator of an athlete's ability to experience success in the arena lies not in their talent - but in their mindset.


In my career I've witnessed the continual decrease of athletes' ability to sustain their focus when they spent more time working on their physical game than their mental stamina.


Due to the over-emphasis on the elusive outcomes of being in the starting line up, winning the championship game, being featured in social media highlights, or receiving a college scholarship, athletes often struggle to build their confidence, finding their athletic value in external validation.


To help my athletes overcome these challenges, I began to seek out the common characteristics of some of the greatest teams I had worked with personally during my professional career.


Here's what I discovered:


  • These individuals had a deep level of self-awareness and competed from a place of authenticity and identity.

  • These athletes weren’t easily distracted by what was going on around them, rather they were deeply focused on who they were and the actions it would take for them to live out their purpose.

  • Finally, these athletes and teams found fulfillment in the process of developing daily that allowed them to be the best they could be.

Customized coaching from Meraki Performance helps your athlete or team consistently experience peak performance, while training them to focus on their mindset - and find their greatness within.


Does your team operate like a well-oiled machine? Or are there gaps in leadership or performance that keep your athletes from reaching their true potential?

Take our quiz now and find out!

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LeAnne A.

"Dan does a phenomenal job of helping you see perspective on situations and helps you work through crucial conversations. Relating everything back to personal values and the overall mission, vision and values of the company I work for has had a positive impact on all aspects of my life."

Noel E.

"Meraki and Danny Hunt have provided incredible value through team building experiences for our Men's Basketball program at Madonna University over the last several years. Our coaching staff and players point to the time spend with Danny as a major reason for growing connection that facilitates success on the court. I would recommend Meraki to any team that is looking to grow."

John C.

"We broke records, made great memories, and had a positive team culture thanks to Danny's work. In 10 years, everyone will be doing this and seeing the benefit."
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