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We are a human performance consulting firm that is focused on influencing individuals, teams, and organizations in developing cohesive communities where people will find purpose, fulfillment, and experience satisfaction in their pursuit of being extraordinary.


At our core, we believe that there is greatness within each individual, and collectively as a team.

We work with teams across every sport, level, and division, to create tangible strategies and skills to help athletes pursue excellence and enter their "peak performance zone."

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Over 15 years of coaching at the high school and college levels I've found that the greatest indicator of an athlete's ability to experience success in the arena lies not in their talent - but in their mindset.

Dan Hunt | CEO Meraki Permance


Over the past decade he has given his life to influencing, coaching, and training athletes, coaches and leaders in creating cultures that people find purpose, experience fulfillment, and are able to live from a place of authenticity.


From NCAA athletic teams to professional organizations Dan creates insight, helps develop strategies, and coaches teams and individuals to maximize themselves in their pursuit of being the best they can be.


Talent is not the greatest predictor of success. Thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs of an individual or team is. Dan has been able to bring that out of countless individuals and teams who've experienced being the best in their given pursuit and better yet, reaching their potential.

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